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Brightly Burning

There’s an echoing thud left over from the impact Brightly Burning makes as I hurl it against the wall. The book slithers to the floor as if ashamed for the sobs it has pulled from my chest. I hate it, I hate Mercedes Lackey, I hate myself for each immersive layer of empathy the book has taken from me.To unwrite the written […]

Seasons Meetings

The world was new, the weather indeterminate, and in a room somewhere the four seasons were arguing. “You’re late, as always,” Summer drawled at the newcomer’s naked back from an armchair near the center of the room. “How can you expect favor when you can’t even arrive when you’re supposed to each year?” “N-Newness takes […]

A Household Utensil’s Day Off

The Hands are gone this morning and you breathe a sigh of relief—well, not literally, because you’re a sponge, and sponges don’t sigh so much as simply deflate a bit. Your scouring side still aches from last night’s skillet and its stubborn burnt remnants. You wanted to scream at the stupid Hand that this wasn’t […]

Impressionism After Midnight

Vincent Van Gogh is dead and my rabbit hasn’t eaten his dinner. I chide him (the rabbit) softly through stinging eyes and a smeared palette of makeup. Winter’s chill dances a slow hoary waltz down my spine but my attention is centered on this small, shivering, utterly belligerent sphere of fur. Blindly I grope around […]

Go Get ‘Em, Slayer

“Listen up, you little snots. In this world, you’re either the top dog, or you’re not. And if you’re not, then you’re breakfast. I didn’t become the number one small forward in the state my junior and senior years for slacking off. These days, you weaklings have no drive. It’s all bullcrap about feelings and […]

The Björn Family and the Human

Once upon a time, there was a little family named the Björns. Mama and Papa Björn loved each other dearly, despite their differences, and they raised Lilla Du, their daughter, to be proud of her own differences as well. They each liked their things in the little wooded home to be just so. Papa Björn […]


“I’ll marry the first to tame the beast on the mountain,” blossoming poppy-red lips announced to an audience of enamored suitors.  A week passed. Carnage strewn over the mountainside thickened the air into a coppery miasma of failed attempts. As the beast watched over it all, a poppy-red smile stretched her bloody maw; she padded […]

Fairest of All (Part 2)

Three weeks had gone by since my flight from the castle. They were three weeks of quiet, with no word of the outside world; Three weeks of gratitude, serving the seven laborers who agreed to take me in; Three weeks of anxiously watching the door, fearful of the day all of this would end.   The […]

Fairest of All (Part 1)

Once upon a time in Midwinter, there sat a Queen sewing at her ebony windowsill. Snow fell outside, and as she looked at it she pricked her finger with her needle. Three drops of blood fell on the snow. The Queen wished for a little girl as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the ebony windowsill.

Nighttime in the Big Easy

The moon glowed in a liquid sky freckled with clusters of stars; a balmy puff of breeze did little more than rustle skirt hems and bring with it the scent of green. Scattered grit on the cobbled street created a crunch under meandering footsteps, as though the street were munching chips. Every so often the […]


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